Client Center

Easily Manage Your Account Profile & Payments

Are you a current member of Furrtropolis? Log in or create a password with your email on file to access and manage your account, including scheduling and payment.

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Update Your Profile

Once logged into your Furrtropolis account, you can update your profile, make any changes, and edit information as you see fit.

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Update Your Pet’s Profile

Upload your pet’s records such as immunizations and health histories, as well as emergency contact information so we can reach you at a moment’s notice.

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Process Payment

Here you can easily stay up to date on your account, conveniently pay invoices, and check what payments you currently owe or will owe later on.

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Update A Booking

We understand things come up and you may have to cancel a stay with us. Use this section to cancel a reservation or to make a new reservation.

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See Webcam

We know curiosity can get the best of us, so feel free to check out what your pet is doing in the common areas or even in his room at night for peace of mind.

Come Visit

The Furrtropolis Pet Store

Step into a haven for pet enthusiasts seeking holistic products that enhance the well-being of their furry friends. Discover a thoughtfully curated collection, including wholesome treats, engaging toys, and training tools designed to cater to your pet’s every need. We take pride in collaborating with small businesses to bring you exclusive and unique products, fostering a sense of community within the small business pet product network. Join us on a journey of pet care excellence, where each item is chosen with love and care. At Furrtropolis, we believe in creating a joyful shopping experience for both you and your cherished companion.