Our Story

Meet Mireille, Bleu & Dasher

Furrtropolis blossomed from the inspiration of Mireille’s two furry companions, Dasher and Bleu. Before her career as a dog trainer, Mireille worked as a corporate accountant, but after becoming a proud fur mom to Bleu, she realized her true passion for animals. Their new dog trainer, Marie Aymard, introduced Mireille and Bleu to the world of Flyball.

Bleu excelled in Flyball, so Mireille signed her up for the Pacific Pups Flyball Club, immersing them in a vibrant dog sport community. Their experience in the club further ignited Mireille’s passion for athletic dogs and their bonds with their companions. When Mireille adopted Dasher, a playful Australian Shepherd, she sought to understand the genetic needs of different dog breeds. Further, Dasher’s training sessions with Marie led Mireille to become increasingly interested in dog training, which led her to intern with K9 Kalifas in Martinez, California.

Soon after, Mireille launched her dog training business from her home, Domestic Canine, where she offered board and train programs, private training sessions, home boarding, and daycare. Her love for dog sports and community fueled Mireille’s vision for a space offering diverse services to the pet community. As a result, Furrtropolis was born. The new pet care facility spans over 14,000 square feet in the heart of San Jose, offering diverse services to embrace both the pet owner, working and sport handler communities.

A woman posing with two dogs on a leash at a dog daycare.
Mireille, Bleu & Dasher

Our Vision

A Thriving, Connected Pet Community

Furrtropolis envisions a world where every pet enjoys a life of fulfillment and support through a thriving and connected community of passionate pet owners, sport handlers, and small business pet product providers. Our goal is to be the premier destination that seamlessly integrates dog sports, training, and exceptional pet care while fostering collaboration with innovative small businesses. We strive to cultivate a culture of understanding, responsibility, and joy, especially in the relationship between pets and their human companions. As we continue to grow and evolve, we hope to highlight the importance of every pet’s well-being and build a legacy of happiness, health, and shared adventures for years to come. Join us in creating a vibrant community where pets thrive and businesses flourish, united in the common love for our furry companions.

Our Values

Creating a Better World for Pets & Their Owners


Passion for Pets

Our deep love for animals fuels us to create a haven where pets can thrive physically, mentally, and emotionally.


Staff Wellbeing

We care deeply for the welfare of our staff because when our team feels mentally and physically strong, they can provide top-notch attention to our furry companions.


Pet Welfare

The well-being of every pet is our top priority. We are committed to providing a safe, nurturing environment that promotes the health and happiness of our furry friends.


Commitment to Excellence

We uphold high standards in all our services. Whether it’s training and care or community engagement, we provide the best possible experience for both pets and their owners.


Community Vibrancy

We are dedicated to cultivating a lively and interconnected community, embracing pet owners, sport handlers, and small business pet product owners. Together, we share the joys and challenges of pet ownership, offering mutual support and camaraderie.


Innovation in Training

We embrace innovation in training techniques, striving to boost the physical and mental stimulation pets need to lead fulfilling lives.


Shared Experiences

We value the power of shared experiences, recognizing the impact bonds between pets and their human companions have in creating a richer and more meaningful life.


Responsibility & Understanding

We promote a culture of responsible pet ownership and emphasize the importance of intentionally understanding every pet’s unique needs.


Continuous Evolution

We are committed to continuous improvement, seeking new ways to enhance the lives of pets and their owners, simultaneously staying at the forefront of industry developments.


Legacy of Happiness

Our goal is to build a lasting legacy of happiness, health, and shared adventures, leaving a positive impact on the lives of pets and their owners for generations to come.


Inspiring a Pet-Centric Lifestyle

We strive to inspire a pet-centric lifestyle that encourages others to prioritize the well-being of pets and celebrate the joy pets bring to our lives.


Join the Furrtropolis Team

If you are passionate about fostering the well-being and happiness of pets and their owners through training, care, and community engagement, apply to join our fun and dynamic team at Furrtropolis! You can see our open positions here.

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